Metcalf Fine Art offers portraits printed on canvas.  We provide our clients with only the best in quality and beauty for their artwork.  We offer two finishes for our portraits.  

Masterpiece Finish

First, we have our Masterpiece Portraits which our studio is known for.  This rare process creates a unique and timeless portrait that resembles a classic painting. It will be a showpiece in your home and is truly a work of art!  It is our very top of the line and is something that we are proud to create for so many families in Houston and throughout the country.  We create these one of a kind pieces of art that will stand the test of time.

Our Masterpiece Portrait has a subtle look and an additional level of hand artwork as it’s rendered as a painting.  This takes many more hours than our fine art portraits, and this is evident in the final result. The painting adds depth in the shadows and more detail in the highlights. These art pieces are glazed and have acrylic brushstrokes added by hand.  We never limit the amount of time the artist can spend on these pieces as we make them the best we can achieve.  

The Masterpiece Portraits are available in 30″ and larger.

Fine Art Finish

Gendron_Brian-102 proof.jpg

Our Fine Art Canvas is our photographic finish for our art pieces. Captured in our studio during your portrait session, the artistry is then added by hand to give it a look that is soft and subtle, yet genuine and realistic.   This, like all of our portraits and frames, follows strict archival procedures similarly done by museums to ensure the longevity of your artwork.  

The Fine Art Canvas is available starting at 10″ and larger.



Metcalf Fine Art also offers framing to finish your portraits. Our framing selections have been chosen based on our classic and timeless style and for their impeccable quality. These handmade, gold leafed frames are designed to bring out the warmth of the skin in your portrait, making them truly come to life.

Choosing the appropriate frame for your portrait can be difficult, but we are here to guide you in the right direction. And when we frame your portraits, we guarantee them for life.