Our Pet Policy

At Metcalf Fine Art, we understand that dogs are a part of the family! If you would like your dog to be a part of your portrait experience, we do require strict adherence to the below guidelines and rules.

- We require all families that come to the studio to bring a friend or family member (who is not being photographed) to serve as a “pet handler”. We do not allow our clients to leave their pets unattended in their vehicles.

- Pets that are small enough to be in a hand held crate must be crated during the entirety of their time at the studio with the exception of when they are photographed.

- Pets that are too large to be in a hand held crate must be kept outside of the building with their handler until their portrait session has started. They are to be leashed and escorted in and out of the building when not being photographed.

- Any pet deemed to be unsafe by a member of our staff will not be allowed to enter.

- Pets are not to be on any furniture in the studio unless directed by the photographer.

We love pets, the above guidelines are for the comfort and safety of all of our clients as well your beloved furry friends.