Below are frequently asked questions that we’ve answered to help you on your artwork creation journey.

What should we wear? Clothing should be formal in nature. Dark, solid and jewel toned colors are best for your artwork. As you are making your selections, keep in mind that traditional styles have a more timeless look than the trendier fashions. It is appropriate and recommended that men and boys choose jackets and women choose dresses or gowns.  Women's dresses should have sleeves to draw the attention to the face instead of the arms. All members of the family should be in similar tones and colors.  This creates cohesiveness in the portrait. Jewelry - Choose timeless piece such as diamond stud earrings or a pearl necklace.

Where should we shop for our clothing? We highly recommend that women and female teens choose a gown from Rent the Runway  and Rainey's Closet or Anna Train Couture  for children. Both offer formal clothing rentals. Additionally Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom have a great formal clothing collection.  Men and boys should purchase or rent a tux or suit. These can be found at many local department and formal stores.  

What else do we need to do to prepare? Have well manicured hands - Check for chipped and non-matching fingernail and toenail polish. Hairstyle - Have hair cut or trimmed a week or more in advance. Don't try a new hairstyle or color, as it takes you time to get accustomed to a new look. Keep hair accessories classic and small as to not draw attention away from the face. A good choice for young girls is a satin ribbon or headband. Makeup - If you wear makeup, apply normally, paying special attention to your eyes, as they are the most important part of your portraits. Avoid brilliant colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Personalize - Consider bringing your child's musical instrument, ballet costume or equestrian uniform.  Please discuss your ideas prior to your session.

How long is our appointment and when should we arrive? Please arrive on time to your portrait appointment. We have a dressing room available if you would like to change upon arrival. If you need to change in the studio, please arrive 15 minutes early. Late arrivals will result in loss of photography time.

Are we allowed to take cell phone pictures during the session? Photos are not permitted to be taken by clients during any part of the portrait session or viewing appointment. We welcome you to take any photos you would like of your family in our lobby.

Where should I hang my artwork?   Many clients enjoy hanging their art piece where it can be seen from the entrance of their home. Others choose to hang it in an area where they will see it most frequently. This can be the family or living room. Most commonly, clients select to hang their artwork in their foyer, dining room or above the fireplace in their living room.

How do I choose my artwork? At your selection appointment you will be able to see your portrait originals projected to all of the available sizes to help you with your decision making. We recommend that you come to the studio with images of your home will be helpful in this process. You will be able to make intelligent, informed choices with confidence.

Do you do any framing?  Nearly all of the artwork that leaves the studio is framed by us. With this you are ensuring the safe delivery of your artwork, that it is cohesive and correct for the type of artwork, that it is of archival quality and when you frame with us. we guarantee all of the artwork for life.

Artistry and Modifications. All of our artwork is finished and beautiful upon delivery. Occasionally a client may make a specific request. When clients choose a 20” size portrait or larger some other modifications that are possible. This may include filling-in of missing or crooked teeth, braces removal, "slenderizing" waists, removal of double chins, correction of clothing flaws, etc.

Who should attend the selection appointment? If you are married or partnered, both you and your spouse or partner will stay for this appointment. We want you to love your artwork and want to go through this process the best way. You will be making final decisions on the various aesthetic, logistical and financial aspects of having portraits created.

How you will see your images? To help you in your selections, we will project your images for you to see. This will allow you to see your originals larger than life-size to see every detail. Then, when your images are narrowed down to your favorites, they can be enlarged or reduced on the projection screen to almost any size. You will be able to see your portraits the way they will look when they are finished, in the sizes most appropriate for your home. 

Do you do online galleries or digital images? Online posting of images and proofs to take home are not available. Artwork decisions are made in the studio during your appointment. We will guide you on final decisions on image choices, sizes, quantities, finishing and framing.  

How long will it take to receive my artwork? As your artwork may require various degrees of retouching and painting, mounting and framing, delivery time can vary. We give our clients a time frame of 3-4 months for their artwork to be completed. Once it is ready, your artwork will be shipped directly to your home.

How can I contact you? 832-330-4740

What is your address? Our studio is located at 1934 West Gray Suite 401, Houston TX 77019 in the River Oaks Shopping Center. Please park behind the building in the parking garage and enter through the rear door. The studio is open by appointment only.